Month: June 2016

New Central Library Superstructure Reaches a Major Milestone

Written on Jun 10, 2016

Construction of Calgary’s New Central Library continues to move forward. The first of five mega trusses for the library was erected this week. The two bottom nodes and two bottom chord members – each weighing approximately 9,000 lbs. and 5,000 lbs. ...

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Tallest Building in Western Canada Tops Off

Written on Jun 09, 2016

Calgary’s skyline has reached new heights. Currently under construction in the downtown core, the east tower of Brookfield Place Calgary has topped of at its maximum height. The tower will be the tallest building in Western Canada; a staggering 247 metres (810 feet) and 56 storeys tall. After breaking ground in fall of 2013, the project will reach completion in 2017, adding 11 metres to the maximum height of Calgary’s skyline....

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CityVision 2016 Recap: Resilience Planning – The Business Case

Written on Jun 07, 2016

Resiliency in the built environment is a trend we’re only going to hear more about in the coming years. And, for good reason. Our infrastructure’s ability to recover quickly from fire, flood, extreme weather, and other catastrophic events is becoming more and more important in our changing world....

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