Month: October 2016

Sparking the Conversation on Innovation

Written on Oct 19, 2016

Innovation. It’s a word we all know. But how good are we at applying it? Are we making innovative leaps that drive our industry forward? What about incremental changes with lasting impact?...

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Laughing All the Way to the River Bank

Written on Oct 17, 2016

Edinburgh Pub Expands with Floating Space on the Water of Leith. GRAS Architects have designed an extension to the Malt & Hops pub in Edinburgh that creates 115 square metres of space on a deck that will rise and fall with the changing tides. The unconventional gathering space will feature a bar and seating area as well as a convenient water closet. ...

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Entuitive Expands to London and Edinburgh

Written on Oct 11, 2016

We’re excited to be in the UK. London is a key global design and real estate hub and our expansion into this market allows Entuitive to bring even more diverse, technical expertise and experience to our clients’ projects on both sides of the Atlantic. ...

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Enhancing Building Resilience with a Performance-Based Design Approach

Written on Oct 06, 2016

How will your business rebound after it’s struck by an unexpected – and potentially catastrophic – event? A building needs to perform when an event (whether natural or man-made) occurs to protect the businesses that operate within it. The potential threats that a building could encounter before, during and after an event need to be identified in the early stages of planning and considered during design. Many threats are addressed, to various extents, in the building code, but others require a more comprehensive risk assessment. How well a building performs during and after an event will have a major impact on whether a business’ operations can recover in a reasonable amount of time....

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