Month: April 2018

Resilience Through Design – Case Studies

Written on Apr 24, 2018

Climate change is introducing today’s buildings to ever more strenuous natural hazards, as well as creating uncertainty in the design process over how best to approach these changing demands. Designing buildings that are sustainable, in that they better protect their interiors from the elements, have a lower reliance on energy and external resources in general, and re-use and re-adapt existing materials, in turn allows these buildings to foster more resilient operations that are less susceptible to the effects of climate change. The following case studies are just two examples of projects in the Greater Toronto Area where structural and building envelope considerations in collaboration with a like-minded team contributed to a sustainable and innovative building. ...

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Entuitive Welcomes Andrew Forshaw

Written on Apr 17, 2018

Edinburgh, UK – April 17, 2018 – Entuitive is pleased to welcome Andrew Forshaw to our team. Andrew brings 25 years of experience to the Entuitive team as the new Business Leader in the firm’s Edinburgh office....

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