Month: August 2018

Entuitive welcomes Brian Stonehouse as Director of Operations

Written on Aug 14, 2018

Toronto, ON – August 15, 2018 – Entuitive is pleased to welcome Brian Stonehouse to the firm’s leadership team as Director of Operations – Principal. ...

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Developing Fire Safety Engineering as a Practice in Canada

Written on Aug 07, 2018

The goal of Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) is to design a strategy which meets human safety and property protection goals with an optimized solution. In comparison to international practice, Canada could be considered highly underdeveloped in a technical perspective of performance versus prescription. In Canada FSE is a subdivision within civil and mechanical engineering, rather than treated as a profession in and of itself. With a requirement for more complex infrastructure to meet Canadian societal needs, there is stimulus that is fostering a demand to create professionals educated with FSE skill sets. This literary study therefore aims to present a state-of-the-art review of the design practice of FSE in Canada and abroad with explicit focus on Performance-Based Fire Design (PBFD) for the Canadian practitioner who seeks to develop their expertise in this subject....

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Toward Fire Resilience in Canadian Bridge Infrastructure

Written on Aug 02, 2018

The paper assesses the state-of-the-art in bridge fire engineering, identifies research needs, and proposes a framework for improving the resilience of critical bridge infrastructure. The abstract of his paper is presented below, with a link to an open-source copy of his paper....

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