3D Printing Competition Puts Our Teams (and our printer) to the Test

Written on Nov 14, 2017

During the month of October, teams from Entuitive and Parkin Architects raced against the clock in the nail-biting 3D printing and design collaboration competition.

The challenge involved a total of five teams and six offices. Members from Entuitive and Parkin teamed up to create theoretical pavilions to showcase collaborative 3D printing and design. The rules were minimal to encourage teams to innovate and push the boundaries of additive manufacturing technology in design. A combination of 3D printing platforms were used in the creation of the prototype and final prints including those based on SLA and FDM printing technologies.

“This was a fascinating challenge and I’m glad we got to be part of it,” highlights Peter Olendzki, Associate at Entuitive. “Not only did this event present a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Parkin, we also got to see how far we could push the capabilities of the various 3D printing technologies and discovered new ways we can employ these in the future.”

“3D printing provides countless benefits to our industry,” adds Peter. “It gives insight on design approaches that involve new building materials, such as printed concrete or steel, as the printing manufacturing process is not restricted by traditional building methods when it comes to these materials. It also gives the designers and clients a tangible, visual representation of their designs.”

All entries were displayed and voted on by guests at Parkin’s annual reception for healthcare clients on November 6, 2017.


“The mysteries of balancing forces in nature inspired the team’s pavilion design of the exterior shells of our structure. The recent publicity surrounding a neutron star collision conjured thoughts of what “ends and beginnings” mean in the scope of the universe. In a binary neutron star dynamic, both stars chase after each other as they seek a new balance – spiraling into each other until they collide and merge. We tried to capture the initial dynamic moment of this rare collision in sculptural form (that could also be walked through) as the centrepiece of this pavilion.”

– Oscar Ramos-Martinez, Tahera Datoo, Li Tang, Sheldon Parsons from Parkin, and Peter Olendzki from Entuitive.