CityVision 2017 Recap: Moving Forward

Written on Jun 09, 2017

On June 1st, more than 150 members of Toronto’s real estate, design and construction community gathered in Toronto for Entuitive’s annual City Vision Client Appreciation + Industry event. We thank everyone who attended the event.

The theme of the evening was transit and transit-oriented development. As our cities continue to densify, the need for more infrastructure and better planning and design around transit hubs is becoming increasingly apparent.

The evening’s keynote speaker, Leslie Woo, Chief Planning Officer at Metrolinx, shed light on the upcoming development opportunities around transit hubs throughout Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Leslie stressed the importance of a closer engagement and collaboration between the public and private sectors to deliver high-calibre and innovative building projects around transit hubs.

More than just transit. Design excellence is key.

Leslie’s presentation underlined the need for integrating design excellence into the construction process to deliver aesthetically-pleasing and high-quality building solutions. As these mobility hubs across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area will consist of major transit stations and buildings in the surrounding area—which will serve as the origin, destination or transfer point for significant portions of trips—they must be planned and designed with future generations in mind. More importantly, they must be built to withstand the test of time.

With Ontario continuing to invest in various transportation initiatives across the GTHA, such as Crosstown LRT, Regional Express Rail, Hamilton LRT and Hurontario LRT, opportunities arise for getting engaged in these projects (both transit and related mixed-use development).

The time is now.

In southern Ontario, we are witnessing a very rapid and distinctive shift in urban and suburban planning. Transit is at the heart of city building and presents vast opportunities for our industry. Densifying around transit infrastructure can significantly improve the quality of life in our cities. We must work collaboratively to deliver innovative design solutions to support our growing infrastructure.


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Check out some photos from the event below.