Entuitive and PCL Construction “Help Create a World Without Hunger”

Written on May 18, 2017

Once again, Entuitive partnered with PCL Construction to design and exhibit for Canstruction in Toronto – an event that brings together design industry professionals in over 150 cities across the world to gather food donations and raise public awareness to fight hunger and poverty.

Rob Volcko, Matthew Kaciak, Seif El-Sahly, Chole Chung, Jomar Manzano, Jennifer Eyskoot, Brad Souter, Erica D’Ettore, Nicholas Zeeb, Farivar Razavi, Mostafa El-Sadek, Anastasia Teravainen and Moustafa Mohamed made up the team from Entuitive.

Michael Campolieti, Michelle Morrison, Peter Gong, Carmen Hung, Jordan Salvatore, Jayne Aspell, Danielle Gilby and Laura Molinaro represented PCL Construction.

Full stomachs stand tall.

According to Daily Bread Food Bank, 12.6% of Toronto households experience food insecurity. That equates to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable adults and children.

Our structure, AvoCanDo, was constructed to show a literal representation of what hunger looks and feels like. The half with the pit illustrates a full stomach and it is positioned upright. The half with an “empty stomach” or without a pit, is positioned on its back to show how individuals affected by hunger can become vulnerable and fatigued. Those who stand taller must help those who cannot.

Watch how it all came together.

Let’s continue raising awareness and helping to create a world without hunger.

For more information on Canstruction, visit http://www.canstruction.org/exhibition.