Entuitive Establishes Fire Engineering Research Project at Carleton University

Written on Mar 11, 2015


Structures are designed for a wide range of loading scenarios aimed at making them more resilient, from the semi-frequent wind gusts and snow accumulation to the extreme cases of seismic events, tornados, and high energy blasts. Fire is the cause of a large majority of all disaster-related fatalities each year. Currently within Canada, the design of structures for fire does not receive specific detailed attention. It is handled by the building codes through prescriptive methods which have historically proven safe. It has been demonstrated globally, however, that by actually designing structures for a real fire event that sustainability, life safety, and economic benefits may be realized. There is also an improvement in overall building performance as the structural response to fire is quantified.

Entuitive is currently facilitating a Masters of Applied Science research project at Carleton University to further expand our internal knowledge base for fire safety engineering. The goal of this research is to gain an understanding of the science behind building fires and to build our capabilities of modelling structures for a range of fire scenarios. We intend to present the first stage of this research at PROTECT 2015 hosted by Michigan State University on June 28-30 of this year.

Carleton University is an ideal institution to pursue this area of research. In partnership with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), they recently expanded the Fire Research Facility, which now includes a Tunnel Facility located just outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Carleton University’s expansion complements the fire and safety research capabilities of the existing NRC fire research centre. This unique world-class facility hosts collaborative full-scale burn experiments for interested researchers involved in the construction and transportation industries. Learn more about Carleton University’s Fire Engineering program here.

As the research project progresses we’ll post more details on our website.


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Director, Business Development and Marketing