Whether a single high-rise building with hundreds of units, a mid-rise building with 60 units or an entire community of homes, Condominiums have become one of the leading housing options in today’s communities.

One of the unique aspects of condominiums is that they are the lone category of property that is mandated by Provincial Legislation in Canada to maintain the corporation’s Common Elements. Typically this includes items such as:

  • Structural integrity
  • Parkade/parking garages
  • Building envelope (walls, windows, doors, balconies, roofing)
  • Mechanical systems (plumbing and heating)
  • Electrical systems
  • Conveyance systems (elevators)
  • Site amenities (landscaping, paving, walkways, etc.)
  • Interior finishes
  • Common areas

Entuitive provides the following services in support of condominium corporations:

  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Condition assessments
  • Building envelope condition assessments
  • Design or restoration/repair projects
  • Calling for bids
  • Contract Administration and/or Project management
  • Insurance claim support
  • AGM/Board meeting Support
  • Recladding
  • Parkade/Parking garage restoration
  • Balcony restoration
  • Roofing replacement
  • Window and door replacement



Our exclusive and proprietary ENFund program is specifically designed to support the technical and financial requirements of condominium owners, Board of directors, and prospective buyers.  Reserve fund studies provide both owners and prospective purchasers with the insight needed to identify any issues that may impact the capital requirements of the condominium corporation over both the near and long term.  Click here to learn about ENFund from Entuitive.


Successfully managing a condominium means addressing frequent and diverse challenges. The Entrust Team is committed to ensuring your living experience is the best it can be.

ENTRUST manages and resolves both the day-to-day and longer term building-related issues condominiums face. From building repairs to reserve fund studies to capital improvement projects, the ENTRUST program ensures timely and successful results. Click here to learn more about ENTRUST from Entuitive.

Achieving Optimal Solutions

Utilizing our proprietary software programs, which effectively incorporate the critical data, our reports are easily read and interpreted by owners, Boards and purchasers alike, allowing for the best informed decisions and planning possible today.

Our reports incorporate the following types of data:

  • Actual present day values informed by our day to day works in the field
  • Construction price index
  • Consumer price index
  • Investment vehicle yields
  • Inflation

With both 25 and 30 year horizon reporting structures, our reserve fund studies provide comprehensive engineering and management data that our clients have to come to rely on in the management of their condominium corporations.

Restoration Programs

For restoration programs, Entuitive staff represent one of the leading teams in Canada for the design, tender and management of projects from $50,000 – $10 million. Our project management and administrative systems are designed to keep all involved on track and informed while executing the project with minimal disruption to residents and minimizing the total costs.


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