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ENLIGHTEN: Continuing Professional Development

A Three-Part Workshop Series

At Entuitive, we recognize the value of effectively leveraging technology to realize successful projects. We have a broad and intensive training program for our staff so that they can implement this technology in their daily work. Our collaboration and workflow doesn’t stop with our internal team – we have also recognized the need to show our clients how we work to allow for a truly integrated design process.

This fall, join us for a three-part series of Entuitive’s Enlighten workshops focused on advanced computational design processes. Each 3-hour workshop will focus on advanced functions of Grasshopper, including fundamentals of Kangaroo, Galapagos, and other exciting plugins. Each workshop will demonstrate how these programs can be used and applied to solve complex real-world problems.

When:   October 12, 2017
Where:  Entuitive office, Advanced Boardroom, 200 University Avenue, 7th Floor click here for map
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This first workshop will demonstrate Kangaroo’s capabilities and its various real-life applications. Kangaroo is live physics engine for interactive simulation, optimization and form-finding. You will learn how you can use this tool to explore aesthetic geometries and perform physical experimentation. You will also learn a wide range of form finding techniques with applications to catenary structures, dynamic relaxation of tensile surfaces, and take part in the demonstration by setting up and running your own Kangaroo simulations by combining forces in unique ways.

Future Workshops

We will further explore form finding and geometry exploration using optimization processes with Galapagos and Octopus.

This workshop will be based on the feedback and questions we receive from the participants in Workshops I and II. The details will be revealed closer to the date.

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The hours of this course are applicable to OAA continuing education hours. A certificate will be issued to attendees upon completion.



Calgary’s Building Maintenance Bylaw – What You Need to Know

A new bylaw  requires owners to regularly assess and maintain the exterior of their buildings that are five or more storeys tall. The new Building Maintenance Bylaw will address hazards on all of Calgary’s 584+ buildings over five storeys through reviews and possible action. Learn how this will affect your properties.

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More to Come

Entuitive is working on further ENLIGHTEN programs and presentations.  Sign up to hear about future opportunities or send us an e-mail with your suggestions.