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Mission Critical Facilities and Data Centres


In today’s digitally-connected world, the vast and constantly increasing amount of data generated has made the gathering, processing and safeguarding of data absolutely critical. Businesses and governments require reliable, secure and efficient data storage solutions. As a result, the design and delivery of mission critical data centres has become as sophisticated and innovative as the technologies they house.

Entuitive brings an all-encompassing view and approach, understanding how to maintain consistent facility operations from the inside out. We start with a collaborative programming effort, working with you to tightly define and refine your project requirements. The result is a roadmap to success – aligning the scope and budget while maximizing constructability.

Our modern data centres are built on the key considerations of performance and sustainability. The majority of the data centres we’ve worked on have been built to LEED® specifications, with many reaching LEED® Gold certification.

We build solid, resilient structures, providing structural solutions designed with post-disaster, tornado and progressive collapse strategies, depending on the client’s particular needs. For all of our projects, design efficiency directly impacts client costs – our powerful 3D modelling tools and structural analysis programs are crucial to the process, enabling smooth, detailed coordination between the design and fabrication teams.

Our work includes:

BMO Computer Centre*, Barrie, Ontario
Ontario MGS Data Centre*, Guelph, Ontario
Royal Bank of Canada Data Centre*, Stratford, Canada

*Project led while employed by a previous firm



Barry Charnish