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Modular and Prefabricated Construction

Controlled environments for controlled outcomes

Entuitive’s Modular portfolio is an example of the balance we achieve between economy, aesthetics, and high productivity.

In a process that allows a building or components of a building to be partially or completely constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, Modular and Prefabricated Construction is a highly-versatile approach with the potential to deliver substantial cost savings, faster project delivery times, higher quality construction with less waste and emissions, and an increase in worker safety. Modular design and construction uses the same materials and is designed to the same codes and standards as conventionally-built facilities.


60-90% of a modular project is completed in a factory-controlled environment, and transported and assembled at the final building site. (Image credit: Z-Modular)


Speed to market

Modular construction can decrease construction time by up to 50% through:

  • scheduling efficiencies as multiple construction processes occur simultaneously
    • for example, the foundation and podium can be constructed at the same time as the off-site modules and then the modules can simply be hoisted and set into place

  • higher worker productivity
    • through repetition of tasks and the opportunity for labourers to concentrate on a narrow scope
    • the ability to train individuals with limited construction experience to become skilled in a task in short order
    • through the use of jigs and dedicated workbenches that increase precision of the manufactured product and the ergonomics of completing the task

  • integration of automated manufacturing for repetitive tasks
    • for example, using automated welding robots and automated steel stud generation


Reduced cost

  • the efficient use of materials
    • Standardization and preplanning allows for getting the most out of the materials for example a sheet of drywall.
    • Use of an automated steel stud generation machine ensures all studs are made to measure, and therefore no cutting to size is required.
    • Unused material is stored on site for the next task and doesn’t become construction waste as might be the case for an on-site project.

  • labour rates for plant workers are lower than on-site construction workers
    • This can be achieved by relocating work from high labour rate markets like large cities to lower labor rate markets such as suburban or rural locations.

  • economies of scale found with a repetitive manufacturing process


Consistent high quality

Welding and other fabrication processes are performed under ideal conditions and without weather-driven delays, or the impact of bad weather on building materials. Additionally, any reviews by the authorities having jurisdiction and the design team occurs in the factory prior to units being shipped to site.

Reduced waste

Material waste is reduced with production-style assembly and ideal construction conditions. Additionally, system testing and pre-shipment reviews identify and correct any potential problems before a module is delivered.

Increased worker safety

Safety risks are reduced under optimal construction conditions provided by an enclosed fabrication facility and through automation of repetitive tasks.

Minimal interruption to nearby residents

Noise and dust pollution near the construction side is reduced, as many traditionally on-site tasks are performed in a factory. Risk of vandalism and material theft is also reduced as material does not need to be stored on site.

Reliable schedule

There is a significant reduction in the negative schedule interference associated with weather since modules are fabricated in a controlled indoor environment.

Our experience

Cheatham Street Flats, a five-storey, 140-suite student residence in San Marcos, Texas


Crest Steel, a 15,000 SF office in Riverside, California


Community, a stackable tiny home concept by Kasita for deployment within the Continental US

Other projects:

  • eHeadends/Hubs for Rogers Communications Canada for deployment within Canada
  • Reliance Metal Service, a 10,000 SF office in San Antonio, Texas
  • Core-Nolensville, a five-storey, 125-suite condo development in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Weyerhaeuser Sawmill, a series of modular electrical houses for sawmill expansion project in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Positioning you for success

Entuitive’s approach to finalizing a design early in the process is rooted in our culture of collaboration. We encourage early and ongoing involvement with the entire project team including the module fabricator, and we utilize parametric tools to generate our analytical and BIM models quickly to allow for early optioneering & design decisions. Additionally, the BIM model allows for ongoing coordination and finalization before construction starts.



Tom Greenough