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Pedestrian Modelling

What Is Pedestrian Modelling?

Using dynamic simulations, Entuitive analyzes pedestrian flow and movement patterns in buildings, transit stations and event spaces to quantify their performance and gain insight into the user experience. We believe that by using these advanced tools to carefully study how users will interact with their built environment, we can create safer, better-performing buildings.

How Do We Apply It?

Pedestrian modelling can be applied to and can benefit any project with a large volume of people, or complex, nontrivial evacuation routes, such as:

Benefits & Applications

Emergency Evacuation
Modelling emergency scenarios allows us to ensure the safe and robust evacuation of all occupants. By incorporating the science behind how humans actually behave in a fire, we can develop more rational egress routes. Combined with our advanced fire engineering expertise, we can develop quantifiable performance goals through the application of fire modelling to ensure adequate evacuation times.

User Experience
Whether we’re analyzing special event loads, daily peak periods, or average congestion, we can model spaces to quantify the user experience. Our design team can then revisit layouts, signage, operational procedures, or occupant loads to optimize the performance of any space.

Integration with Surrounding Areas
Pedestrian modelling can be extended beyond the building footprint to understand how building occupants interact with, and are integrated into, their surrounding urban landscape. Adjustments to the surroundings can drive traffic to key areas of interest, or alternatively disperse crowds to keep congestion levels safe and comfortable.

Construction Stage
Existing buildings, new buildings, and multi-stage transit developments can all introduce obstructions and altered walking paths during construction. Construction stages can be analyzed to ensure minimal disruptions to surrounding areas during construction and a maximized user experience throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

Design Development
Through strategic R&D investment in custom software packages, Entuitive has developed workflows that allow the design team to efficiently develop high level dynamic pedestrian models from any architectural BIM to quickly assess and critique layout options. This allows the design team to quickly refine spaces, understanding the impact of each change on occupant experience.



Matthew Smith