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Structural Engineering


Engineering structures begins with an idea, an aspiration and a set of goals. At Entuitive we know that every building must respond to the evolving needs of the client and community it is being built for. Whether it’s a structural challenge – such as constructing a tall building over an operational subway station, or an art gallery with a 45-foot cantilever over a river, or an aquarium with a 750,000-gallon shark tank – or a timing or budget challenge, we provide our clients with a range of options for the project.

The Manhattan West Platform illustrates our ability to deliver innovative solutions for complex and challenging projects. As the first stage in a massive commercial development, the Manhattan West Platform serves as the foundation for a plaza and public space built over North America’s busiest commuter rail corridor. Consistent communication and collaboration with rail authorities as well as architects and City officials was imperative to the success of the project.

Achieving Optimal Solutions

We understand that projects have varying objectives – whether achieving a signature design, respecting budgets or adhering to an aggressive schedule.  We analyze each problem and provide a range of solutions varying by cost, materials, and framing systems. We work to ensure the design and construction team can quickly find the best solution for the project with sensitivity to the local market, project schedule, programming requirements or architectural considerations.

Leveraging Technology and Reserach to Shape a Better Future

Vertebrae is our advanced research and technology implementation platform through which we explore design possibilities with efficient and cost-effective outcomes. We use BIM and parametric modeling tools integrated with our structural analysis software to accelerate exploration of design options and their feasibility.  We leverage technology to foster collaboration, reduce design time, enhance building performance and reduce construction costs. It is our mandate to push the envelope on emerging technology and new applications of existing technology to deliver creative and sustainable design solutions that result in better performing buildings.

We have successfully used Vertebrae in various projects including Calgary’s New Central Library. Collaborating closely with the design architect, we integrated the architects Rhino model with our Tekla and Grasshopper software and developed an optimization routine that allowed for efficient studies of multiple truss options enabling selection of the optimum truss configuration that respected the project budget and architectural requirements.

Delivering Better Building Performance and Value

We design advanced building structures and systems that support a sustainable future. Our unique application of advanced technology, collaboration and multidisciplinary approach set us apart.  We bring together structural engineering, building envelope and specialty skills including fire, blast, wood, glass, seismic, vibration, acoustics and sustainability to ensure buildings perform for the future.

Simplifying the complex means employing the best in technology, process and collaboration to achieve best in class solutions.

Our work includes:

Calgary Central Library, Calgary, Canada
Manhattan West Platform, New York, USA
Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Toronto, Canada
Remai Modern, Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
Brookfield Place Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Garrison Point, Toronto, Canada
Bay Adelaide Centre, East Tower, Toronto, Canada
Deloitte Tower, Montreal, Canada
Hudson Yards, New York, USA





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