Structural Wood


Innovations in wood products and design have made wood an increasingly viable choice in building design and construction.  Structural wood is being used in a variety of applications including arenas, recreational facilities, lobbies, residential and commercial buildings. As a building material, wood has become increasingly more cost-effective, versatile and contributes to higher sustainability due to its light carbon footprint. It can be used in long span applications and can allow for faster construction.

Building taller wood buildings is enabled by advanced construction technologies and modern mass timber products such as glued laminated timber, cross laminated timber and structural composite lumber. Many new wood building projects around the world are achieving heights over 7 stories with one project in Canada slated to be 18 storeys upon completion.

From wood frame construction to tall wood buildings to architecturally exposed wood elements, our team has deep experience in timber engineering.  We provide solutions that incorporate wood to allow for architectural expression while maintaining structural integrity and respecting project budgets and schedules.

Our work includes:

AGO Transformation*, Toronto, Canada
The Trades and Technologies Renewal and Innovation Project (TTRIP), Lethbridge, Canada
Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Oak Ridges Library, Richmond Hill, Canada
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Timber Lodge and Tumbling Bay Playground, London, UK
TELUS Centre Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada
Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape & Design at University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Casa Kiké, Cahuita, Costa Rica
Kilburn Grange Children’s Centre, London, UK



Eric Gordon

Julien Fagnan (Vancouver)

Toby Maclean (UK)