Tall Buildings


Urban centres around the globe are experiencing unprecedented growth. With limited land resources, cities are increasingly building towers – both for commercial and residential developments. Entuitive’s Tall Buildings team consists of structural engineers, building envelope specialists and technologists with decades of experience in delivering high-rise buildings through innovative and value-driven solutions.

Delivering Value

It’s our ambition to help clients realize the best performing buildings that support their vision and commercial objectives. Through a holistic, integrated and highly collaborative approach, we draw on the wide-range of expertise wielded by Entuitive’s professionals to develop advanced structural and envelope solutions that deliver multiple dimensions of building performance with greater life cycle economies.

Optimizing Performance

With extensive experience in tall buildings, deep knowledge of the latest building materials and construction methods, and sophisticated modeling techniques, our engineers and building envelope specialists focusing on solutions that enhance building performance. We strive to deliver a high degree of occupant comfort by mitigating the effects of wind-induced vibration. Our designs consider building resilience to natural and man-made events including seismic, extreme weather and blast.  And we consistently optimize our structural and envelope solutions with an eye to improving efficiency at every stage while minimizing costs.

And Advanced Approach

We use BIM and the latest technologies to enhance collaboration and coordination to deliver projects on time and on budget. As a standard practice, we embed more information than has been typical in the past. The embed information in our model allows contractors to automate the takeoff process, improve the accuracy for materials and improve efficiency of information transfer.

We also go beyond BIM and utilize computational design and parametric modelling to assist architects in unleashing their creativity while optimizing the building structure – affording greater constructability, cost-savings and reduced time to market.

Building Higher

Developers and architects continue to push the limits on height – with buildings that are higher and more slender than ever before. Challenges associated with building higher include mitigating wind turbulence, reducing building movement and developing grids that effectively accommodate mixed-use programs. With decades of high-rise experience, a deep understanding of materials and construction methods across various markets, and expertise in advanced modeling we can help ensure maximum occupant comfort and performance in high-rise developments.

Our work includes:

1 Scollard, Toronto, Canada
Bay Adelaide Centre East Tower, Toronto, Canada
Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, Philadelphia, USA
350 Adelaide West, Toronto, Canada
484 Yonge, Toronto, Canada
700 Bay, Toronto, Canada
Deloitte Tower, Montreal, Canada
Yonge Sheppard Centre, Toronto, Canada
Lincoln Common, Chicago, USA
Pier 27, Phase III, Toronto, Canada
South Station Tower, Boston, USA
Garrison Point, Toronto, Canada
Maple Lead Quay Development, Toronto, Canada
50 Hudson Yards (concept development), New York, USA
55 Hudson Yards*, New York, USA
ADNOC Headquarters*, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mirvish Gehry, Toronto, Canada
Aura at College Park*, Toronto, Canada
Brookfield Place Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Hertsmere House*, London, United Kingdom
City Pride Tower*, London, United Kingdom
The Bow*, Calgary, Canada
One Canada Square – Canary Wharf*, London, United Kingdom
Newfoundland Tower*, London, United Kingdom
Emaar Square North Tower*, Istanbul, Turkey
Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower*, Toronto, Canada
Residences at the Ritz*, Toronto, Canada
RBC Centre*, Toronto, Canada
1 King West*, Toronto, Canada
20 Fenchurch*, London, United Kingdom



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