Transportation facilities touch everyone’s lives. Every day, we rely on our parking facilities; airport terminals; bus, subway and train stations; pedestrian bridges; and the associated vehicle maintenance and storage facilities. Each facility development presents a very unique set of challenges – function and passenger experience, incorporation of natural light and integrated artwork, heritage preservation, construction logistics, schedule, and multiple stakeholder considerations. All require innovative solutions to deliver high-performing public infrastructure that is cost-effective and constructible with minimal interruption to existing operations.

We have extensive experience providing structural, building envelope, restoration, peer review, and project management services on all types of transportation facilities; many of which have received industry recognition. Our experience includes various procurement methods – from conventional design-bid-build to design-build to public-private partnerships – understanding and mitigating the specific risks and costs associated with each. Our full involvement through to construction completion ensures that safety and constructability are always key considerations in each design.

Entuitive has highly specialized expertise in the structural design of platforms and buildings constructed over active roadways and rail lines. In Manhattan, we developed a unique structural platform clear spanning over 16 live rail tracks that was erected with minimal work at track level. In Calgary, we designed an innovative encapsulation structure to separate the active LRT line from construction of a new library over top. In Toronto, our team developed complex new overbuild structures at Pearson Airport and Union Station while maintaining critical road and rail operations at these two critical interchange facilities.

Our work includes:

Manhattan West Platform, New York, USA
VIVA Bus Maintenance and Storage Facility, Richmond Hill, Canada
Union Station: Atrium, Rehabilitation and Vertical Access, Toronto, Canada
Hudson Yards East, New York, USA
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Winnipeg, Canada
Toronto Pearson International Airport – Terminal 1, Toronto, Canada
Hamilton Go Centre, Facility Audit, Hamilton, Canada
Toronto Transit Commission – Leslie Station, Toronto, Canada
City of Calgary Sarcee Vehicle Storage Building, Calgary, Canada
33 Bloor Street East – Condition Assessment and Construction Monitoring, Toronto, Canada
University of Lethbridge Pedestrian Tunnel, Lethbridge, Canada

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