Entuitive and PCL Construction “Help Create a World Without Hunger”

Written on May 18, 2017

Once again, Entuitive partnered with PCL Construction to design and exhibit for Canstruction in Toronto - an event that brings together design industry professionals in over 150 cities across the world to gather food donations and raise public awareness to fight hunger and poverty....

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Entuitive’s Latest Postcard to Industry: Taking the Lead

Written on May 03, 2017

The enhancement of Canada's busiest transportation hub, Union Station in Toronto, is right on the rails. We're very proud of our role as prime consultant. ...

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Building today for tomorrow’s climate

Written on Apr 21, 2017

Did you know that the energy consumption of buildings will change over their lifecycle as our climate changes? Historic climate data included in building codes doesn’t provide sufficient information when it comes to designing buildings for the future. As a result, Entuitive is not only looking back but, more importantly, is looking forward to determine how buildings can be better designed and constructed to be more resilient to our planet’s changing climate....

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