As emission reduction targets loom, Entuitive designs buildings to work with the environment, rather than against it

Written on Aug 23, 2019

Advanced Performance Analysis (APA) allows us to consider all the potential ways in which a building’s environment will impact performance so that we can maximize energy efficiency and reduce design and development costs. As a result, simulating building performance has rapidly moved from being a good idea to an essential part of the design process. ...

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Structural Testing of All-Timber Edge Connections

Written on Jul 11, 2019

Inspired by traditional woodworking joints, three types of all-timber wall panel edge connections were designed, manufactured and tested. The three designs had a form of a finger joint and included the following arrangements: simple rectangular, zigzag and inverse zigzag. Samples of dimensions of 175 mm wide by 120 mm high by 19 mm deep were tested to determine the ultimate load resistance, failure mode and joint stiffness. An analytical model was developed to design samples undergoing ductile bearing failure; however, it was found that all specimens failed in an undesirable brittle shear failure mode. Following data analysis, a new connection design was proposed, combining advantages of all three tested connection types. By decreasing the interlocking of the connection, it is hoped that the new design would have an adequate stiffness, yet fail in a preferable ductile mode. Further research in this topic is required in order to verify the suitability of the proposed solution in mass timber structures....

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Changing Market Forces are Creating Structural Implications for Residential Tower Projects – Part 3. Transfer Cost

Written on Jun 25, 2019

This study is Part 3 of our investigation into the implications of structural design decisions on the costs of residential high-rise buildings. We previously investigated various column and slab configurations in a sample tower and then columns independently in Part 2. Now we will review the costs of transfers. By Ryan Voros...

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