PROJECT FEATURE: Engineering Sculptures That Celebrate a Community

Written on Jan 14, 2019

In 2018, Entuitive partnered with Acrylicize, a collective of artists, designers, and craftsmen, to bring to life their unique vision to celebrate the city of Manchester. ...

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Monitoring of Beams in a Reinforced Concrete Building During a Load Test Using Distributed Sensors

Written on Dec 10, 2018

Entuitive’s Tom Greenough and Ian Trudeau, in collaboration with researchers at Queen’s University, published a research paper on the topic of load testing in the Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities....

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Entuitive Leads the Discussion on Special Considerations in Timber Construction at the P+W Mass Timber Influencers & Mass Timber Institute Launch event

Written on Nov 20, 2018

At Entuitive, collaboration is at the heart of our mission to offer clients elegant and creative engineering solutions for their building needs. This means collaborating with all stakeholders every step of the way during a project, as well as leading our industry colleagues in pushing building construction forward....

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