To be Entuitive is to give back to the communities in which we work and live. We are driven by our purpose to build a better world for our people, our valued clients, and the communities in which we live and work. The world we envision includes a built environment that does not compromise the natural environment, or the ability of future generations to thrive.

Greening our Business

In 2019 we formed our Sustainable Performance Group, whose mandate is to ensure that energy performance lives in every part of our business and is integrated into all projects and operations. From an operational standpoint, we are making efforts to track and improve the environmental impacts of our business activities. Our initiatives include:

  • Achievement of BOMA BEST® Silver certification for our Toronto office, Canada’s industry standard for commercial building sustainability.
  • Establishing a green team to lead employee engagement activities within the firm
  • Measuring our energy, water, waste and carbon footprint from operations
  • Establishing a green purchasing policy to address our office procurement

Promoting best practices for energy and greenhouse gas reductions including energy conservation measures (examples include occupancy sensors for lighting, shutting off electronics/computers when not in use, adjusting set points, teleconferencing/video conferencing for work meetings, promoting transit and active commuting options).

Committing to Diversity and Inclusion
We are committed to the principles of equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace in all we do. We seek to provide a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment; an initiative reflected both in our policies and our culture.  We believe that by creating a positive environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, we foster a broad cross-pollination of ideas, viewpoints and perspectives to deliver better and more creative solutions to our clients.