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Cities of the Future: Entuitive’s CityVision 2018 Event talks 2026 and taking Calgary to new heights


On October 17th, Entuitive’s CityVision Client Appreciation + Industry Event brought over 200 members of Alberta’s real estate, design, and building community to the top of the Bow Tower in Calgary. Our guests took the night off and came to connect and network, while enjoying breathtaking views of the city, 54 stories up.

The evening’s keynote speaker, Calgary 2026 Bid Corporation Chair and the co-founder of Aspen Properties, Scott Hutcheson, spoke about the upcoming bid submission for winter Olympic games, and shared the latest insights and information on what the games could mean for Calgarians and for the AEC community.

In his presentation, Scott covered the ins and outs of the bid submission process, including the main players, the key locations and dates, as well as the guiding principals behind the winter Olympic games.

Better together, dreaming big, being well, staying true, and respecting the land are the key values of the Olympic games.

“Diversity and inclusivity are strengths and we are Better Together,” explained Scott. “Physical, mental, cultural, and spiritual health are the soul of our community and we will support each other in Being Well. A healthy natural world is essential to our quality of life and we will Respect the Land. Creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit are vital to our way of living and we will Dream Big. Integrity, accountability and transparency are critical to our success and we will Stay True

“The games are not just about the athletes. They are about anticipation, about the conversation today, they are about showing the world who is Calgary, who is Alberta, who is Canada. It’s about defining what that is and what we can tell the world.”