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Entuitive is Behind the Scenes on New HGTV Show The Expandables


HGTV has aired its new show, The Expandables, a real world construction show featuring a crew of renovation experts against the ultimate challenge: design and build new spaces that the homeowners would never have believed possible, without adding one extra square foot!

Entuitive’s Anthony Mirvish and Wesley Peter provided their structural engineering expertise on several episodes. Even though neither had their moment of fame on camera, they did have a lot of fun interacting with television crew and helping the home owners with their projects.

01-HGTV-The_Expandables-TV-Series-Anthony and Wesley

In the episode titled “World War Three”, we worked with the homeowner to retrofit the existing attic floor in order to support loading for a living space. We provided a few schemes – one which would sister (reinforce) all the existing joists and another where the attic floor would be ripped out and the whole structure replaced. The homeowners went with the second option, but this still presented challenges as the house is a row townhouse that shares walls on each side with their neighbours, thereby limited the connection to existing walls. We were able to work around these issues by detailing our connections to impact only on our client’s side of the wall. Another challenge was the dormer. In the episode the homeowners wanted to put a bathroom in an existing dormer but they lacked the head room due to the existing structure. Our solution was to reframe and retrofit the dormer structure without having to remove the dormer or existing roof which also provided a large cost savings.

“Chaos Reins” was another episode we provided our services. The property was a two-storey + basement semi-detached home where the designers endeavored to completely open up the ground floor space. Our solution involved removing several existing ground floor partition walls, some of which were load-bearing. Typically, removing load bearing walls is a relatively simple task – installing new beams and posts to create the new openings. However, in this case it was not as straightforward as the existing framing was far from typical, with many obstructions including electrical, mechanical ductwork and existing window locations preventing us from being able to provide a classic solution. By working closely with the client and contractor, we were able to provide an innovative framing scheme that not only addressed the client’s needs for open space, but that was also constructible and minimally impacted the existing services.

You can watch these episodes, as well as the rest of the season, on The Expandables website.

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