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Reshaping Calgary Through Transit – Entuitive’s CityVision 2017 Event


Entuitive’s CityVision Client Appreciation + Industry Event took over the historic St. Louis Hotel on October 5th, where over 170 members of Calgary’s real estate, design and building community came together for an evening of celebration, networking and fun.

Fabiola MacIntyre, the Manager of Calgary’s Green Line LRT project and keynote presenter at the event, spoke on the topic of transit infrastructure and how its integration with community developments can create liveable, vibrant spaces for all Calgarians to live, work, move and play in. Her presentation, titled Shaping Calgary’s future with the Green Line LRT, shed light on the largest infrastructure investment made by the City of Calgary.

The Green Line is expected to ultimately add 46 kilometres of track to an existing LRT system. This multi-staged initiative will not only deliver more efficient transit, it will also unlock development opportunities to create convenient, interesting and vibrant communities for local residents and visitors, ultimately enabling sustainable long-term growth.

More than just a transit project.

Transit-oriented development (TOD) is key to growing and developing major cities across the globe. Increased urbanization and densification are changing more traditional approaches to city building. Our industry plays a key role in helping shape the future by connecting and re-shaping neighbourhoods, delivering improved quality of life for residents and breathing new life into our communities. The Green Line in Calgary is expected to make life in the city a lot easier, more convenient and more sustainable for all Calgarians.

The time is now.

“This substantial investment in transit provides a unique opportunity to design and plan based on a holistic approach that supports sustainable communities, social equity, and influences development,” highlighted Fabiola.

The interest and demand for TOD – in Calgary as well as other major centres across North America – will only continue to increase as our cities grow and densify. Entuitive is involved in a number of these projects in Canada and the United States. It was exciting to see so many members of Calgary’s design, planning and real estate industry come together at the CityVision event. Check out some of the images from the evening below and stay tuned for more insight from Entuitive on the challenges and opportunities facing TOD projects.


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