Ennovation is our in-house innovation process, designed to rapidly bring challenges to the masses, tap our high caliber talent for solutions, and implement change for the advancement of our firm and the evolving needs of our clients.

It is rooted in our commitment to uncover innovative design solutions, advance our interest in technology, and support our desire to learn. Ideas are given the time and resources required to incubate into solutions. We want our people to have a platform for participation in our firm’s success. Ennovation is how we do it.

The Path Forward

At Entuitive, innovation is always on. Through our internal Ideas site, our talented people can submit their idea for a better way of doing things, whether that means developing a new service, improving our internal processes, or improving the way we recruit.

Our Internal Ideas Site

Our internal ideas site is where we harness the power of the Entuitive crowd. ‘The Hopper’ is where any member of our team can submit an idea they think has value and will improve the way we work. This platform also hosts targeted idea challenges, with specific problems to be solved, and creates space to solicit feedback from the team along the path to implementation.

Ennovation is how we channel the firm’s collective intelligence and deeply entrepreneurial spirit. It’s not a specialized team, it’s discipline in process that removes barriers and empowers people to discover opportunities.

Blaine Jansen,

Read more about how we developed ENnovation
in our interview with Blaine here.


Impact2021 is our annual firm-wide Ideas Challenge that puts forth a specific question to our talented staff and gives them the chance to win $10,000 to help bring their idea to life.

This year we asked: How we can use the concept of 1+1=3 to make an impact and achieve our Strategic Vision?

Ian Trudeau,

As One Company, we recognize that our people are our best asset. By effectively crowdsourcing ideas, we can elevate that talent and find solutions to any challenge.
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