We are a people-first organization, known for our team’s ability to simplify the most complex engineering challenges. We are also ignited by the opportunity to champion solutions to some of the most pressing difficulties facing our people, planet, and community.

From climate change to social and racial inequity, we are committed to a state of continuous improvement.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging at Entuitive


Building a Better World

Dedicated Stewardship: The Sustainable Performance Group

Our team of highly motivated people with expertise across Entuitive’s service offering spectrum and in sustainable design are driving meaningful change at Entuitive when it comes to sustainable performance. CLICK TO MEET THE TEAM & EXPLORE OUR SUSTAINABLE PERFORMANCE SERVICES
Our Sustainable Performance Group facilitates discussions and collaboration across our firm. They coordinate the efforts of all our services to provide a holistic and thoughtful approach to incorporating sustainable design principles on our projects and deliver the most value to our clients. In April 2021, we released our first annual Sustainable Performance Strategy, “From Commitment to Acton”. CLICK HERE TO READ IT

A Decade of Sustainable Performance

19 LEED®-Accredited Staff
4 Certified Passive House Stuff
1 WELL Accredited professional
1 WELL Certified Energy Manager
2 International Society of Sustainability Professionals – Sustainability Associates
100+ Green Buildings
24 Awards for Sustainable Design
1 Built Green Verifier
Carbon Neutral Operation since 2018
Formal signatories to the UK Structural Engineers and the Canadian Engineers Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Sponsors and Members of the Canada Green Building Council

Operational Commitments

We have committed internally to several initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Minimizing air travel for staff
  • Implementing energy-efficient mechanical and electrical upgrades
  • Dispatching local team members to local projects sites to further reduce air travel
  • Introducing carbon accounting and reporting
  • Developing carbon offset partnership
  • Sorting and reducing office waste across our seven location

Responsive Design

The type of people who thrive at Entuitive are often the type of people who find fulfillment in creating a positive impact in their everyday role. Imagine being asked to make a choice:
Going to work for an organization that is bogged down by layers and layers within an org chart, making it cumbersome to get answers and approvals to do your job.
Going to work at a place where you have the autonomy to quickly make decisions, and the confidence to act in the best interest of the organization you work for. This is the workplace we have built together. Sound interesting? See our Open Roles here.
We have designed our organizationWe have designed our organization to learn and respond rapidly to changing and challenging markets and circumstances. It helps us remain competitive by eliminating waste and enabling a highly nimble way of working and allows everyday decisions to be made by the right people – the ones who are impacted by those decisions. It pushes accountability down to every level and empowers each of us to act in the best interest of Entuitive. Our organizational design is a critical element of our culture and goes hand in hand with our passion to always be better tomorrow than we were today.


Pic of Stephen Cohos
At Entuitive, we believe that innovation is made up of activities that come in all different sizes from creating new products and services, to improvements in the way we work. Our process starts by challenging the status quo, asking questions, and driving solutions to continuously create value for our people, customers and communities.
At Entuitive, innovation is always on. Through our internal Ideas site, our talented people can submit their idea for a better way of doing things, whether that means developing a new service, improving our internal processes, or improving the way we recruit.
When you are guided by principles that include, “Why Not?”, you can use your own courage, creativity, and imagination to do something better than before. Read more about Innovation at Entuitive here.
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