The connections, or lack thereof, between walls, windows, and doors are perhaps the single biggest source of failures in building exteriors.

A wall may be perfectly constructed to withstand the elements, insulate, and manage both surface and interstitial water, but the moment an opening is created within that wall to install a window, a whole new dynamic is at play. Similarly, a window, generally fabricated in a factory and tested to exacting performance criteria, may be rendered ineffective if improperly installed within a wall.

We employ teams of experienced Building Science and Building Envelope Practitioners who combine years of experience in both new construction and existing building restoration to ensure windows and doors work together.

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Holistic, Responsive Expertise

At Entuitive, we understand that responsiveness is just as important as technical acumen. A building requires new windows and doors often only once they are discovered to have failed.

We understand the importance of fast action in these scenarios and work quickly to evaluate your asset and recommend suitable solutions.

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Calgary, Canada

West 17th Lofts Rehabilitation

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