Our team has decades of experience working with strata corporations in BC.

We work with property managers, strata councils, and owners, providing financial, operational, maintenance, and engineering support. We are also members of major industry associations, such as BOMA BC, CCI BC, CHOA, and PAMA. 

Our services include warranty reviews (15-month, 2-, 5-, 10-year), depreciation reports, building envelope/structural investigations and condition assessments, maintenance plans, and insurance/litigation support. We also provide engineering design, tender, contract administration, site review, and project management services for repair, renewal, and rehabilitation projects. 

BC Strata Services FAQ

BC’s Homeowner Protection Act mandates that all new homes have minimum third-party warranty insurance, often referred to as the 2-5-10 warranty. This insurance covers different types of construction defects under designated time periods. We assist strata corporations by providing warranty reviews that check for common property defects covered under the 15-month, 2-year, 5-year, and 10-year warranties.

A depreciation report outlines the common property assets of a strata corporation, how much money the strata corporation has in savings, and expected future costs for major maintenance, repair, or replacement projects over a 30-year time span. The report also provides estimated timing for maintenance, repair, or replacement projects and different scenarios for how these projects may be funded. Depreciation reports are mandated under BC’s Strata Property Act and must be updated every three years.

Depreciation reports typically rely on visual inspection of common property assets, whereas a condition assessment may include more in-depth investigation on a particular asset. For example, a building envelope condition assessment focuses on the building envelope (components that separate interior space from exterior conditions) and may include exploratory openings to check concealed conditions or other testing. Condition assessments are usually recommended before a strata corporation undertakes a major remediation project, to better understand hidden conditions and to reduce the risk of cost overruns or delays during construction.

Engineers are often required for technical work, such as evaluating structural deterioration or providing engineered design for a remediation project. Municipalities may also require that engineering professionals provide letters of assurance as part of building permit applications.

A consultant can provide many beneficial services for a construction project, such as construction review, contract administration, and project management. Standard construction contracts also specify the role and responsibilities of a consultant, such as issuing change orders, payment certification, and dispute resolution. Further, any projects that involve engineered design must have an engineer review the work during construction, in accordance with BC's Professional Governance Act.

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