We conduct building exterior visual assessments on all types of buildings, ranging from five-storey sandstone heritage buildings to residential apartment buildings to tall glass and metal office towers, complying with and exceeding the reporting requirements of the City of Calgary.

Calgary’s Building Maintenance Bylaw (Bylaw 33M2016) applies to buildings that are five storeys or greater and 10 years or older. The Building Maintenance Bylaw helps building owners reduce the risk of debris falling from buildings, protecting the public. Owners of these buildings are required to perform a building exterior visual assessment every five years.

Comprehensive, Value Added Reporting

With our expertise in building envelope and special projects, we provide a report that not only meets the requirements of the City of Calgary Bylaw but also becomes a tool to identify existing deficiencies along with long-term proactive repair and maintenance requirements. Members of our team served on the stakeholder committee during the development of the bylaw.

Our collaborative approach allows us to seamlessly move from preparing the report to addressing deficiencies through to the completion of repairs. Our Building Envelope group has extensive knowledge of condominium corporations, allowing us to synchronize the findings in the BEVA with the corporation’s reserve fund requirements.

Our team helps property owners, property managers, and condominium corporations in Calgary comply with the City of Calgary Bylaw and keep the public safe from exterior hazards.

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