We perform full building infrared scans to detect and analyze thermal patterns and anomalies that may indicate issues with the structure’s building envelope assemblies.

By analyzing the building envelope with this non-destructive method, we can identify concealed construction deficiencies, long-term issues related to reduced building performance, and active failures in the building envelope.

Our certified Level I and Level II Thermographers perform partial and full building infrared scans. Our team reviews, analyzes, and documents the images to highlight any anomalous conditions, verify patterns, and provide recommendations for further investigation or repairs.

Infrared Thermography at Entuitive

Our Building Envelope team works with the latest high-definition infrared thermal cameras and associated software to get the best images of a building and process them more efficiently.

Infrared is commonly utilized by personnel with insufficient or no training. All personnel at Entuitive operating the cameras are either Level I or Level II Certified Thermographers, which requires a broad understanding of the images that the camera can capture and how to analyze them to determine a real issue from a false reading.

Understanding the capabilities and limitations of the equipment is critical to its proper operation. All certified personnel are accompanied by non-certified personnel who gain preliminary experience in the process of capturing and analyzing images. This internal process allows us to provide a stronger service offering at the point when personnel are certified and continue the service offering for our group.

Thermal imaging is useful as a non-destructive quality control measure or pre-commissioning measure following new construction, or as an investigative tool for identifying or preventing issues within existing buildings.

Contact us to learn more about our Infrared Thermography service.

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