Resilient infrastructure and development is critical to safe, transit-oriented communities.

Owners, developers, and architects can realize their safety goals with our dedicated team of experts in rail safety and crash wall design. 

Our rail safety experts advise our clients on the options to mitigate the risks associated with a development’s proximity to railway infrastructure. Together with our transportation and structural groups, our team provides holistic solutions to both the infrastructure and the development.  

In addition to supporting our developer partners, our team also acts on behalf of the City of Toronto to peer review applications that are in proximity to railway infrastructure.  Working for developers as well as providing City reviews allows Entuitive to stay at the cutting-edge of solutions to rail safety for developments. 

What Makes Rail Safety Different at Entuitive?

An Integrated, Holistic Approach 

Our unique integration of our transportation and structural engineering teams enables us to develop site-specific mitigation measures that control the risks to safety. These measures can include setbacks (the physical distance between the tracks and the proposed development), berms of earth to dissipate the energy of a derailed train, and crash walls that help deflect a derailed train from catastrophically affecting the adjacent building structure. 

In-House Advanced Technologies 

We have developed an in-house assessment tool using rail incident and activity data to enable a big-picture view of rail safety across Canada that allows us to answer critical safety questions. This marriage of data and expertise allows our team to make evidence- and data-based decisions to improve rail safety design and take a proactive, preemptive approach to rail and crash wall safety design. 

Contact us to learn more about our Rail Safety Consulting service.

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