The roof is a building’s first line of defense against the elements and a major factor in overall energy efficiency.

We analyze design conditions and provide a range of roofing solutions, ensuring that the design or repair of the roof fits the project budget, schedule, performance, durability requirements, and architectural considerations.

What Makes Roof Design Different at Entuitive?

We work the Entuitive way. Our team is committed to the full asset lifecycle and assisting to design the best-performing roofing assemblies that are both practical and cost-effective. We bring decades of experience and are constantly pushing the boundaries of engineering to find better solutions for roof design, repair, and energy efficiency. 

We engage with various roofing manufacturers and industry organizations to remain up to date on products and systems utilized in the roofing industry.

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Marie-Josée and Henry R. Kravis Research Building – The Rockefeller University River Campus

New York, US
The new laboratory building at Rockefeller University serves as a highly collaborative facility supporting modern research.
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