As both legislated and voluntary responses to the climate crisis become more ambitious, Sustainable Performance at Entuitive seeks to equip our clients with the knowledge they need about how building performance can contribute to a sustainable future.
We develop sustainable design practices that are effective, economically feasible, and socially responsible. We use advanced technology to efficiently and optimally adjust the designs of buildings, reducing their embodied and operational carbon and helping our clients reach net-zero or near net-zero carbon outputs and energy consumption. 

The world we envision includes a built environment that does not compromise the natural environment, or the ability of future generations to thrive. We believe that building performance is sustainable performance. 

We have a growing list of services that deliver sustainable solutions:
  • Advanced Performance Analysis 
  • Building Code Consulting 
  • Building Envelope Design
  • Building Resilience & Adaptability 
  • Building/Project Sustainability Certification Consulting 
  • Carbon Assessments & Studies 
  • Climate & Site Analysis 
  • Daylighting & Glare Analysis 
  • Deep Energy Retrofits 
  • Embodied Carbon Analysis 
  • Energy Modelling & Building Simulation 
  • Environmental & Urban Master Planning 
  • Environmental Compliance/Regulatory Services 
  • Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Planning 
  • Environmental Construction Support 
  • Facility Operations Management 
  • Green Building Feasibility Studies 
  • Green Building Management Planning 
  • Green Building/Project Sustainability Certification Consulting 
  • Green Products Library for Certification Compliance 
  • High-Performance Feasibility Analysis 
  • Integrated Design Workshopping & Charrettes 
  • Low-Carbon Code & Legislation Consulting 
  • Massing & Orientation Analysis
  • Material & Costing Studies – Buildings Focused 
  • Natural Ventilation Analysis
  • Net-Zero Design 
  • Operational Carbon Analysis 
  • Passive Survivability Analysis
  • Sustainability Specifications 
  • Sustainable Policy Development 
  • Thermal Comfort Modelling 
  • Training & Education 
  • Whole Building Lifecycle Assessment
Our team also engages in research and development to continually deliver uncompromising performance to our clients, always striving to be better tomorrow than we were today. We are committed to sharing the findings of our research and development in order to contribute to the collective response to climate change. 

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Explore Our Sustainable Performance Work


Mirvish Village Redevelopment

Toronto, Canada
This 900-unit affordable housing redevelopment spans five towers and includes the revitalization of 15 heritage buildings.
View Project

Broadway Block – Diega

San Diego, US
Rising 41 stories with two iconic towers, Diega is a landmark addition to the heart of San Diego’s Broadway Block.
View Project

High River Community Resource Centre – Spitzee Crossing

High River, Canada
This new flood-resilient building offers protective services, family services, and emergency access for Alberta Conservation Officers.
View Project

Stoney Transit Compressed Natural Gas Facility

Calgary, Canada
This project is the largest indoor CNG fueling complex in North America and the second LEEDv4 Gold Project in Canada.
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Interested in learning about how we work? Message us and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

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