Performance drives every decision and action at Entuitive as we engineer for a sustainable future.

Our vision for the future is driven by our purpose, and we believe a better world begins with a sustainable planet.

We are signatories to the Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

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MacKimmie Block in Calgary is the first project in Alberta to achieve the Zero Carbon Building standard and the largest project in the country to date to have certified under the Zero Carbon Building Design pathway.

Sustainable Performance at Entuitive

For Our Clients

Sustainability need not come at the cost of profit. With early integration into the project, we can apply creativity and advanced technology to deliver resilient, sustainable, cost-effective designs. Sustainability has become the standard, and we have the expertise to help our clients deliver what their end users are looking for. We are stewards toguide our clients through code, legislations, and regulations.

For Our People

Our focus on sustainability aligns with our team's personal and professional values and goals. Sustainability exists aross the entire firm in every service, providing opportunities for all to contribute and validate their ideas. Focusing on sustainable design provides upskilling opportunities to develop a multidisciplinary skillset. We enable our people to address sustainability in their personal lives and become environmental stewards in their communities.

For Our Communities

High-performance buildings and structures are inherently beautiful and support community vision. Through focusing on low-environmental impact and high-social gain projects, we preserve our freedom of movement in nature. Resilient and adaptable buildings provide stability and peace of mind to their occupants. We value the trust society places in us as engineers to deliver on structural and environmental safety.

Our Services

Sustainable Performance resides at the center of our solutions.

The services we provide and continue to develop are designed to address climate change and to secure a future that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

Our Leaders

Bereket Alazar

Associate, Building Envelope

Chris Van Dongen

Associate, Building Envelope Specialist

Emily King

Associate, Sustainable Performance Group Lead

Greg Riewe


Heather Elliot

Senior Associate - Building Envelope Specialist

Samantha Lane

Associate, Sustainability Lead

Paul Carter


Salah Imam

Building Performance Analysis Lead

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Anticipate, Measure, Deliver


Anticipate Your Needs

We develop deep relationships with our clients to fully understand their goals and asset's potential, both immediate and long term.

We explore all that is possible within the built environment. We use a creative approach and define our success through performance benchmarks and tangible value creation.

Deliver Value

We are a partner in the realization of your vision, optimization of materials, assurance of constructibility, and return on your investment. We engineer assets to provide utility, efficiency, resiliency, adaptability, and sustainability.

We lead the collaboration of many toward your vision, and the application of advanced technology to deliver the solution you need.

Measure Performance

Performance is the measurable result of our integrity in design and precision in engineering. It's the proven impact of our contribution to your asset's value.

We use data and analysis to enable continuous learning and advancement, supplemented with research to build objective insights that inform decision making and contextual innovation.

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