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100 Street Pedestrian Bridge Receives the 2023 Award of Excellence

Updated: Feb 6

100 Street Pedestrian Bridge was recently awarded the 2023 Award of Excellence for Urban Design Plans at the City of Edmonton’s Urban Design Awards.

In collaboration with the City of Edmonton, the pedestrian bridge was designed to be an iconic landmark and destination that celebrates the river valley edge, and serve as a signature piece of the Edmonton skyline.

Entuitive is proud to be recognized as the Prime Consultant and Structural Engineer for the iconic bridge design, which is meant to provide a critical connection for pedestrians and cyclists over McDougall Hill Road. We enjoyed collaborating with Grimshaw, Dub Architects, O2 Planning & Design, and schlaich bergermann partner sbp.

The suspension bridge design provides a safe and continuous link over McDougall Hill Road and along the edge of Edmonton’s downtown. In respect to Edmonton’s identity as a winter city, the established design will accommodate active transportation year-round, further celebrating the seasonal transformation of the river valley.

The envisioned implications of the new bridge on nearby businesses, transportation hubs and commuting Edmontonians align with several City plans including the Capital City Downtown Plan, Capital City Downtown Community Revitalization Levy Plan, Bike Plan, and Downtown Public Places Plan.

Preliminary design of the project was approved in Summer 2023 and is currently on hold pending funding approval.

The suspension bridge design solution allows for a unique structure that extends over the river valley, creating a statement experience as a signature destination. Unobstructed views of the river valley from the bridge will be made possible by one-sided cables, while the asymmetrical bridge design reduces disruption to the city skyline and views of the downtown. Finally, the gentle pathway curve will help the bridge feel comfortable and safe.


If you have any questions, please contact Fabiola MacIntyre.


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