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Behind the Project: Bertram Pedestrian Overpass

The Bertram Pedestrian Overpass is currently under construction in Kelowna, British Columbia. In honour of International Women in Engineering Day, we spoke with Engineer Ivy Liang about this important and impactful project at Entuitive.

Thanks so much for sitting down with us, Ivy. Can you tell us a bit about this project?

Ivy: Of course. The Bertram Pedestrian Overpass is a multi-use pedestrian bridge that will create a safer, more accessible connection over Highway 97 at Bertram Street for people walking, biking, and rolling. The new overpass will also link to the larger transportation network, connecting the future Bertram Active Transportation Corridor (ATC) within downtown to the existing Sutherland, Abbott and Ethel ATCs in the south and east.

What are some of the project’s technical challenges?

Ivy: As the project’s structural bridge engineer, we are working to ensure that the bridge stays on budget and is designed with accessibility in mind. These are two of the main priorities for this bridge. As such, we’ve been collaborating closely with the owner and all stakeholders to ensure we meet both goals. One challenge here is that interior BC can experience supply issues, in terms of getting all the materials we need in. However, with proper dialogue and coordination we have been able to overcome those issues while remaining on budget.

In addition, the bridge sits on a condo podium and crosses over Highway 97, which is owned by the BC Ministry of Transportation. The Ministry of course has very strict seismic requirements, so our design had to meet those considerations as well.

Can you tell us about your experience on this project, and what your favourite aspect has been?

Ivy: It’s been such a pleasure working with the entire project team, from the electrical engineers to the civil engineers and everyone in between. It’s also so fulfilling to be working on a project that places such a high priority on accessibility. I had the opportunity to attend the groundbreaking event and hear from many individuals about how much they appreciate the priority on accessibility.

Thank you so much, Ivy, for talking to us about this important project! The Bertram Pedestrian Overpass is scheduled for completion late 2024.

Rendering courtesy Dub Architects.


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