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Entuitive's Newest Leaders

Updated: Jul 4

We’re excited to share that several of our team members have been promoted to the Senior Associate and Associate levels, while Saleem Haq has been named Principal, all effective January 1st, 2023.

This group keenly represents the core values of Entuitive, from owning a growth-oriented mindset and leading with purpose, to delivering great work, and, through their actions, motivating those around them to do the same.

These individuals consistently do the work required to put our teams in a position to succeed. Their leadership includes sharing technical expertise across projects and offices, building a specialized team to address an emerging need in the industry, advocating for improvements to internal processes, and mentoring our people. We’re thrilled to celebrate these individuals.

Congratulations to Saleem, Mohammad, Tom, Laura, Nicholas, and Timothy on their accomplishments!


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