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From the Inside Out: The Driving Force that Is Culture at Entuitive

Updated: Jun 4

We talk a lot about culture at Entuitive, recognizing its importance in supporting the fulfillment of our team as well as our overall success as consulting engineers. We consider our culture to include how we show up for each other each and every day, the norms we work within, and a substantial influence on what we can expect from one another.

For us, everything starts with and is influenced by our reason for being – our purpose. We are guided by a set of shared beliefs and a commitment to show up with a collective mindset. We have designed our organization, from the way we resource, deliver, recruit, and celebrate success, to live in service of that purpose and to power our people on our journey to achieving our goals for the future. We recognize the capabilities that differentiate us and are committed to nurturing them as a team.​

These things together help guide our annual strategy, inform the goals and objectives that keep our strategy on track, and help us communicate with each other and our external clients and partners.

A Drive to Win and What that Means to Our Clients

These behaviours and norms we cultivate within our walls inevitably permeate the relationships we have with clients. Our competitive edge drives us to want to deliver the best possible solution. We believe that leaning on our creativity and curiosity will help us uncover solutions others can’t see, and that taking the time to connect the dots between the big picture and minute details helps us to deliver holistic solutions that address long-term building and infrastructure performance.

It’s no secret that many coming together as one creates a better solution than one, so it’s no surprise that collaboration runs deep in all aspects of life at Entuitive. Being technical leaders does as well – staying out in front of our competition includes constantly innovating and using the most advanced materials, technology, and processes available to us. ​

Showing Up: Our Collective Mindset

Taking risks, considering every alternative, and seeking multiple perspectives are just a few ways in which we show up on projects with courage, humility, and empathy. Showing up matters, and how we show up has long been considered a big factor in our success as engineers, technologists, and city-building experts over the past eleven years.

Playing to win for us means challenging the status quo, listening to hear others out, and developing the best possible understanding of the people we work with. That is the mindset our project partners expect from us.

Organized for Success

From climate change to advancements in technology to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is no shortage of forces impacting the way we work and live, and as a result, the cities we build.

Our ability to respond to these impacts is a key component to our culture. Change is inevitable and constant and so we have designed our organization to be capable of acting with agility. We operate with flexibility within a framework, and each of us has the autonomy to make decisions – guided by a shared set of principles.

A commitment to innovation also fuels our culture, as we are in constant pursuit of improvement and better outcomes for our clients and partners. We work to uncover innovative design solutions, advance our use of technology, and support our desire to learn. Ideas are given the time and resources required to incubate into solutions. It is one of the many ways in which everyone at Entuitive has a platform for participation in our firm’s success.

From the beginning, we have organized our business in a way that shares everything, successes, and challenges alike, as one company.

No matter where our people are physically located, we’ll always put the right person on the job to ensure uncompromising building performance. Our five offices work together, so our talent is often working on both local and international projects on any given day. Any of our talented engineers in the US can work on a project in Canada, and vice versa.


Our culture runs through everything we do as consulting engineers, day in and day out. It’s different threads, from our purpose to support our people, our clients, and our communities, to our drive to innovate, work together, and embody the Entuitive Mindset, are what hold our nimble organization together across five offices in two countries. It’s what allows us to attract talented staff and work with great industry partners. And it’s what allows us to deliver great projects for great clients.


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