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Becoming a Carbon Neutral Business

Updated: Jun 4

For the last five years, Entuitive has maintained carbon neutrality across all our operations. This milestone highlights our dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship as consulting engineers. 


By placing a strong emphasis on carbon neutrality, we've not only reduced our ecological impact but also established a benchmark for responsible corporate citizenship within the AEC industry. 


Moreover, we believe that our commitment to carbon neutrality benefits our clients as well, as we continue to hone our sustainability solutions to align with their values and contribute to a healthier planet. 


Throughout this journey, we've learned some valuable insights, which we're eager to share with our community. These three tips will help organizations on their own path toward carbon neutrality: 

Get Help Auditing Your GHG Emissions 

The first step to reducing or offsetting your emissions is to understand them. Initially, Entuitive hired a third-party expert to help us understand our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and identify our carbon blind spots.  Together we were able to develop a robust picture of how carbon interacts with our consulting business. With this understanding and expertise, we are now able to help others in our industry move their practice towards carbon neutrality as well.

Know Your Offsets 

Purchasing offsets is part of our carbon neutral strategy, as there are carbon impact areas that are critical to our business but have no viable carbon-free alternatives, such as plane travel. 

However, not all offsets are created equal, and there is no central enforcement of the voluntary carbon market. As such, we had to learn the nuances between carbon removal and avoidance, as well as the various grading systems for offsets.  With this understanding, each year we are able select a portfolio of natural and technological carbon reduction projects that are in line with Entuitive’s values and mission.

The below snapshots capture the projects we selected to support to offset our 2024 GHG emissions.

Share Your Experience 

Five years of carbon neutral operations have given us a new way to connect with like-minded peers and clients. We’ll continue to share with the industry because we’ve seen the exciting conversations and business opportunities that have come our way from this commitment. 

Our dedication to carbon neutrality aligns with our core values of being creative, collaborative, and advanced, driving us to do better every day. We firmly believe that every business has a responsibility to mitigate its environmental impact, and our longstanding commitment to carbon neutrality serves as a testament to our belief in the power of collective action towards a more sustainable future.  


To learn more, reach out to Sam Lane, Associate and Sustainable Performance Lead. 


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