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Behind the Project: Eagle Landing East

Recently, we sat down with Associate Greg Riewe to talk about a special project that he’s been working on, Eagle Landing Retail, adjacent to the Grey Eagle Casino and the community of Lakeview in Calgary. Entuitive is providing structural engineering services on this project, which is the first parcel of a wider development called Taza Park that is being developed by Canderel in collaboration with the Tsuut’ina First Nation.

Thanks so much for sitting down with us, Greg. Can you tell us more about this project?

Thanks for having me and of course. This is a really great mixed-use retail and commercial development that comprises four main buildings integrated within a pedestrian-friendly environment.

Rendering courtesy Zeidler Architecture.

Wow, what an exciting project to be part of! Can you share with us some more details?

Of course. All work on the Taza developments must follow a specific set of guidelines that were developed for the Nation. The projects must represent the four pillars of the Tsuut’ina Nation’s values. Those are cultural influences, nature and connection to the land, community and connectivity, and economic diversity.

The façade design of the buildings takes its inspiration from the pixelated beadwork patterning and vibrant colours of the Pow Wow dancing regalia specific to the Tsuut’ina culture. It creates a unique retail expression, unlikely any other development in Alberta and something that is deliberately Tsuut’ina.

Where nature and connection to the land comes in is through the low-impact development guidelines. This is about ensuring that Eagle Landing East, and Taza Park in general, have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. For example, we had to think about the site itself, water draining, stormwater collection, and more, to ensure we met those guidelines.

Rendering courtesy Zeidler Architecture Nature and community unite in the pedestrian-friendly aspect of Eagle Landing East, ensuring that people can move through the space together. And economic diversity relates to the whole of Taza Park, which is a mixed-use residential, retail, and commercial development.

Can you discuss some of the challenges you experienced on this project and how you solved them?

The main technical challenge we overcame was seeking to create a distinctive retail development for Eagle Landing East that would attract unique tenants and businesses. We collaborated closely with Zeidler Architecture to ensure the plan was constructible and economically viable while maintaining the unique architectural vision, all while following the Tsuut’ina guidelines.

For example, understanding the modular nature of the exterior façade expression from the architect’s vision, we worked closely with them to develop structural framing layouts that reinforced this module. We also looked at the project as a whole, developing concepts and details that were easily repeatable on each building but that allowed for the unique architectural and plan layout nuances in each of the buildings.

Rendering courtesy Zeidler Architecture

Do you have any favourite aspects of the project?

Absolutely. It was really interesting and meaningful to work on a project that sought to abide by the Tsuut’ina’s guiding principles. Eagle Landing Retail is the first parcel to be developed as part of Taza Park, so Canderel and Zeidler Architecture wanted to take this opportunity to show what could be done with those guidelines.

Projects like this follow a holistic set of values, which is exactly how we work at Entuitive as well, always thinking of the holistic design, looking at all angles, so I enjoyed working on a like-minded project. There’s also a strong sustainability focus that I enjoyed integrating.


Thanks so much for chatting with us about Eagle Landing East, Greg. We appreciate your time!

If you’d like to learn more about this project, reach out to Greg Riewe.


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