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Being Your Whole Self At Entuitive

At Entuitive, we are truly purpose-led and passion-fueled and, for many of our employees, this sense of purpose extends beyond the traditional 9 to 5.

Recently, we sat down with a handful of leaders from our Calgary and Toronto offices to discuss their after-hours passions and how Entuitive has played a role in pursuing them.


For Caleb, a technologist, the term “Whole Self” means incorporating every part of your life – from work, to relationships, to passions and hobbies and anything you like to do for fun –

“you can’t separate these things, instead you should aim for balance,”

he says. He believes Entuitive is really the right place for this as we create the conditions for our employees to really be who they are.

This has extended into helping him with one of his passions. Entuitive helps him pursue his work with a not-for-profit that is building housing for 100 girls in India. Caleb has been able to use the Calgary office space to host some of the NFP’s meetings and he’s also benefited from interest and support by several coworkers. In fact, he can bring some of the issues he’s facing in terms of managing the construction remotely to his colleagues and get creative answers on how to solve the problem.

It’s the creativity and collaboration that goes into every project and pursuit at Entuitive that Caleb really loves.

“It feels like you’re on a team where everyone has a unique part to play and, since everyone has their own role, they’re really able to bring their whole self to work,”

said Caleb.


Rita, a Senior Engineer, has been with Entuitive almost since the company’s origin and one of the ways she’s been able to bring her whole self to work is by continuing to evolve her role with the organization over the years. From starting as Designer, to working on the Quality Control Committee, to her role today leading our Learning and Development program, she has been able to feed a wide variety of career interests.

Of course, her other passion is photography, and, here too, Entuitive has played an active role in supporting Rita. “When Entuitive was first starting up, word about my photography began to get around and soon I was asked to take pictures of our projects for the website. I continue to do this to this day and recent pictures include Pier27 and the Gardiner restoration. I love the fact that I’m able to take advantage of opportunities to fuse my passion for work with my passion for photography,” says Rita.

Rita had some parting advice she wanted to share with readers

“If you have a passion that is a part of who you are don’t be afraid to voice it – you’ve got the support you need at Entuitive.”


How important is the support of your fellow coworkers in achieving your goals and driving your passion outside of work? For Justin, that support is immeasurable. He has his own line of ethical coffee and his colleagues in the Calgary office have been helping him out by purchasing it and spreading the word for years. He believes this kind of support is reflective of the strong camaraderie that is part and parcel of Entuitive and contributes to a sense of belonging and well-being for all employees.

That’s not the only way Entuitive supports him, though. A Senior Engineer, he notes that the culture at Entuitive encourages you to share the complete person you are at work and be exactly who you are.

“People tend to compartmentalize their lives in a lot of ways, but at Entuitive, you can bring your Whole Self to work,”

says Justin.


Belinda is a Senior Engineer at Entuitive who believes “Whole Self” means the ability to be yourself in any situation. “At Entuitive, there’s always someone to talk to and leaders will encourage you, challenge you and give you the space to be you and solve problems your way. There’s a lot of trust and that allows you to truly be yourself,” said Belinda who also notes this type of environment lends itself to creativity.

Belinda also needs flexibility when it comes to pursuing one of her passions – jiu jitsu. Here, she notes that leaders again demonstrate understanding of her needs and allow her to adjust her schedule when needed to go away for a weekend tournament or to incorporate workouts into her workday routine.

Belinda is inspired by the environment at Entuitive and hopeful for the future saying,

“We work in a fun environment where we get a lot of cool stuff done. Everyone is allowed to be themselves and we’re not looking for carbon copies of our leaders, just diversity to keep lending itself to creativity.”

If you’re interested in a career at Entuitive, we invite you to check out more about our company culture and our recent openings here.


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