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Emerging from Covid: Entuitive’s New Model for the Way We Work

Updated: Oct 10, 2023


Entuitive’s 270+ employees in seven offices across Canada, the US, and the UK are moving to a principles-based, flexible work model.

The move allows our people to be autonomous in deciding how they can be most effective in delivering their work. It is rooted in our trust in one another to collaborate effectively and continue delivering on our promise of uncompromising performance.

Brock Schroeder, Managing Director, notes:

“There are a lot of times where we can be most productive outside of a traditional office environment, but we gain development, onboarding, mentoring, fewer meetings, more quick discussions, collaboration, and culture-building by being together."

Rather than being prescriptive, knowing that a fixed guideline will only work for some of our people some of the time, we have instead designed six principles to guide each of our decisions about the way we will work.”

Within this model, employees and their leaders will together decide the best way of working to build a high-performing team environment.

What This Means for the Way We Work

We have designed six guiding principles to help inform our decision-making process. The expectation is that each team member continues to:

  • Best meet the expectations of their clients,

  • Be as productive as possible and accomplish the requirements of their role,

  • Develop others, themselves, and their career,

  • Allow the teams that we work with to best meet their objectives,

  • Ensure each team is high-performing together, and

  • Develop and grow the culture of Entuitive.

To be most effective, we believe that the outcome will include some combination of the office, on site, and elsewhere. This balance will be achieved through continual communication between team members and project leaders.

Listening to Our People

In our employee surveys during COVID, our people indicated an over 86 per cent confidence level in Entuitive’s ability to navigate COVID-19 and any impacts it might have to our business. In one employee survey conducted in late June 2020, our people indicated high levels of confidence in Entuitive’s response to COVID-19 and the way in which we navigated the crisis.

Additionally, we heard:

  • Our people found it easy to work effectively when we transitioned to working remotely,

  • What employees are most looking forward to post-COVID is seeing their friends and coworkers, collaborating in person with their team members and clients, and gaining better opportunities to develop themselves and their careers with in-person mentorship,

  • 83% of our employees feel a high level of team spirit and cooperation at Entuitive, further enabling our ability to be responsive in how and where we work, and

  • 93% of our employees felt they had the full support of the leadership at Entuitive whenever they were feeling anxious or uncertain.

A core element of our purpose as an organization is to realize our potential for the fulfillment of our people. This new way of working serves to deliver on that, using a philosophy we believe will inspire our people to maintain a healthy balance while continuing to do their best work and striving to always be better tomorrow than we were today.



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