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Project Feature: How to Engineer an Irresistible Waterfront Community

The Pier 8 revitalization project in Hamilton is a development that aims to reinvent the Hamilton waterfront and turn it into a vibrant community featuring modern and progressive architecture.

The development includes the construction of approximately 1,500 residential units and approximately 13,000 m² of commercial and institutional spaces. In addition, the plans include a focus on creating a community hub, walkable spaces, and the possibility for start-ups to create intelligent-city and green technologies.

Entuitive was retained by Cityzen Development Corporation as structural engineering consultants to help bring the Pier 8 redevelopment to life.

“The Pier 8 revitalization is exciting because it’s an opportunity to transform a significant section of a city into a community that’s ready for the future,” says Anthony Mirvish, senior associate at Entuitive. “Mixed-used developments are essential to creating urban spaces that meet the needs of growing populations.”

The Courage to Innovate: Meeting Client Needs

Cityzen required a structural engineering firm that could handle the scope of the project but also think creatively and innovatively on the structural design. For example, the project calls for building architecturally complicated low- to mid-rise structures on poor soil. The ground conditions for the project dictate a type of foundation more typically cost-effective for taller buildings. As such, we were challenged to develop a schematic foundation system that minimized construction costs. Our team developed the foundation systems quickly during the bid phase to support Cityzen’s pursuit of the project.

Our Pier 8 team provided input regarding the foundations as well as other structural elements throughout the bid phase, when the technical basis for the design was still schematic. Our input allowed Cityzen to reduce their risk with respect to these elements.

Entuitive is committed to providing the best design solutions to its clients, pushing the boundaries of performance-based engineering.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Cityzen, one of our first large residential developer clients” says Mirvish. “We value that relationship and do not take it for granted. They trusted us with a very big vision on Pier 8 and that means a lot to us.”

Entuitive has worked with Cityzen on Pier 27 Phase III, Garrison Point, 1 Scollard, and other projects. In addition to our prior project work, our breadth of expertise, including modular steel and timber, were important considerations for Cityzen when it came to working with a structural engineer.

The Pier 8 redevelopment also holds a special place in the heart of Entuitive’s own Barry Charnish, who is from Hamilton.

“Our work with Cityzen, as well as the architects KPMB, on the Pier 8 redevelopment means a lot,” says Charnish. “It’s an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on my hometown.”

A Client-Centric Approach to Large-Scale Projects

Large-scale, mixed-use developments like Pier 8 require creativity, collaboration, and advanced technologies. These are the value pillars upon which Entuitive was founded.

It’s our dedication to going beyond client expectations that drives us to continually expand our expertise and push the boundaries of performance-based engineering. On Pier 8, we brought our knowledge in modular, timber, fire, and more. By serving as a one-stop shop for our clients, we make it easy for them to bring big visions to life.


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