Purpose-led. Passion-fuelled. This is Entuitive

Purpose-led. Passion-fuelled. This is Entuitive

We exist to build a better world in service of our people, our valued clients, and the communities in which we live and work. We engineer for a sustainable future.

How do we achieve our purpose?

We are a group of passion-fuelled engineers, designers, technologists, and city-building experts who deliver uncompromising performance through a comprehensive range of services for the built environment. Our culture and commitment enable us to achieve progressive solutions to the most complex challenges. 

Since our inception in 2011, we have been recognized as the firm that does things differently. Our organization is designed for agility and navigated using guiding principles that aid us in achieving uncompromising performance: always asking better questions, tackling every challenge as an opportunity, and a relentless pursuit in being better tomorrow than we were today.

Our services encompass integrated structural engineering, building envelope, restoration, special projects, renovations consulting, advanced performance analysis, bridge design, construction engineering, and fire consulting services for both new and existing structures.

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The Entuitive Story

Our story began with a group of like-minded colleagues who were dissatisfied with the status quo. Their vision saw past the old way of doing things and was rooted in the belief that there was a better way – that people could find personal fulfillment while working alongside great people, delivering great projects. That anything was possible, and everything could always be improved upon. They set out to build a new engineering company – different from anything else they had seen or experienced.
They knew what they wanted, and knew what they believed to be possible:
  • A place where great work is accomplished alongside great people,
  • An understanding that we are better together,
  • A collaborative approach to solving challenging problems with applied creativity, and
  • A management style that brings the best out in each person for the benefit of everyone.
A "One Company" approach to our culture was the answer. As we continue to grow and evolve, we work every day to carry it with us. It reflects our dedication to building mutually supportive relationships as we aspire to our shared purpose. It enables us to think differently. 

It is in our DNA to challenge the status-quo to deliver the best possible value for our clients. We measure our own success in our ability to understand and address their concerns and risks. Their goals become our own, and we take pride in seeing them succeed. This is truly what matters to us.

Take a look through some key milestones in our short
yet productive history over the last eight years.

How We Work

We Are Collaborative

We operate as One Company, which reflects our dedication to building mutually supportive relationships as we aspire to our shared purpose. It enables us to think differently. We collaborate with architects, developers, building owners, building managers and construction clients to find solutions that meet their performance needs. We measure our own success in our ability to understand and address our clients concerns and risks. Their goals become our own, and we take pride in seeing them succeed.

We Are Creative

Combining leading technical knowledge, insight, experience, and creativity allows us to move forward with unique design solutions that embrace performance advantages. Whether it’s a design, cost, or scheduling challenge, our distinctive problem-solving skills give us the ability to explore and provide creative solutions at every turn that exceed client expectations.

We Are Advanced

Our technical expertise puts Entuitive at the leading edge of building design, construction, and operations. We take data one step further than most by creating a seamless connection between Building Information Modelling, Parametric Modelling, and Analysis Tools in our own unique framework that allows us to quickly study and compare options and create efficiencies for our clients.

The Entuitive Mindset

Ways We’re Realizing Our Potential

Champions of Entrepreneurial Talent

At Entuitive, ideas are given the time and resources required to incubate into solutions. Leadership occurs at all levels. Our people deserve the opportunity to actualize their talents in the pursuit of engineering excellence.

Watch Matt Smith's story about developing our Fire Engineering Service.

A Culture of Innovation

Ennovation, our in-house innovation process, is designed to rapidly bring challenges to the masses, tap our high caliber talent for solutions, and implement change for the advancement of our firm and the evolving needs of our clients.

A Platform for Participation

Entuitive is the platform on which our team pursues a path of consistent advancement. Together, we make our greatest impact during the creative process - where the power and influence to build a better world lies. 
The outcome of that journey is realized in the structures and relationships we create - that continue to inspire others after a project is done. We recognize that nothing is done alone - and a commitment to collaboration is our active acknowledgement that we are better together. 

Learn more about how Entuitive approaches engineering challenges, and discover why Engineering Performance matters for your project.

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