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Our Sectors



Developers, architects, and contractors entrust us with a wide range of commercial projects, from speculative office towers and corporate head offices to mixed-use projects, re-work, conversion projects, and overbuilds. We unlock the potential within new and existing project sites. 


Cultural and performing arts centres are designed to inspire awe, inside and out. Our solutions support the architect’s unique vision, allowing them to achieve qualities such as optimum acoustics in a concert hall, uninterrupted views in a theatre, floor-to-ceiling glass in a gallery, vast column-free spaces in a lobby, and the flexibility to form other configurations. 


Positive outcomes in healthcare demand high-performing structures. We work with healthcare providers and users from acute care to long-term care and rehabilitation to design buildings that support healing, recovery, and resilience. In addition to large, new construction projects, our healthcare work also includes smaller-scale, dynamic projects, such as the installation of diagnostic imaging equipment and mechanical equipment upgrades in operating facilities. 


From hotels to ballrooms to convention centres, hospitality projects present unique challenges with a need to integrate simple, repetitive framing at suite level with long-span, open areas for dance floors, pools, amenities, restaurants, parking levels, loading docks, and back-of-house areas. We help architects and developers create beautiful, innovative hospitality spaces that economically reconcile and integrate the unique demands of all these areas. 


Publicly funded projects, such as schools, universities, community centres, government offices, police stations, fire halls, courthouses, and more, fulfill the noble purpose of community. Our work focuses on community-building while meeting the objectives of functionality and economy. We collaborate with all stakeholders to develop efficient engineering solutions that meet all project goals. 

Labs, Mission Critical Facilities, & Data Centres

Performance in laboratories, mission critical facilities, and data centres is the ability to help medical researchers, businesses, and governments undertake vital work and securely store their data. The functions of such facilities require a rigorous approach to structural design. Our team provides a holistic, all-encompassing approach to building solid, resilient, sustainable structures designed with post-disaster strategies in mind. 


Mixed-use developments support walkable community hubs that enrich the lives of their residents and workers with a mixture of residential, commercial, retail, and recreational spaces. By integrating mixed-use with transportation, we can create the accessible cities of the future. Our team brings broad, multi-sector expertise to the service of developers and architects to facilitate their visions. 


Residential projects demand an approach that considers return on investment for developers, design aspirations for architects, and quality of life for residents. We collaborate with all stakeholders to design efficient, sustainable, readily constructible, and economical structures for multi-unit residential projects as well as private homes. 


Redefining the brick-and-mortar retail experience requires a combination of technical skills, imagination, and collaboration. In today’s retail landscape, developments must be able to accommodate future clients and uses. We draw on our deep knowledge of the full asset lifecycle, from new builds to renewals, to design for each unique phase, for the present and into the future. 

Sports & Recreation

Sports and recreation facilities demand some of the fastest delivery schedules in the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate needs early and act on them swiftly to ensure projects are completed on time. We work closely with architects and designers to create venues that offer best-in-class facilities for athletes and deliver an enhanced experience for the viewing community. 


We have decades of experience in the engineering and project management of transportation facilities, airport terminals, bridges, pedestrian bridges, overbuild projects, railway stations, and more. We also challenge the industry approach and deliver with a more comprehensive lens towards the placement, sustainability, constructability, and accessibility of transportation structures, as they play a critical role in development and the built environment. 

Transit-Oriented Development

Deep collaboration amongst all stakeholders in building a TOD community drives better solutions. At Entuitive, our role as structural engineers is to help the planner, developer, transit agency, and architect behind a given community achieve a beautiful, seamlessly integrated, and structurally sound version of their vision. 

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