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Using technology to create 3D models is only half of the story - the embedded information is where the real value lies. Our ability to create, manage, and move that information around allows us to continually discover new opportunities to enhance building performance that were not even on our radar just a few years ago.

Blaine Jansen is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through his role as Senior Associate.

Blaine is passionate about the betterment of the built environment through the use of emerging technologies and is a leader in integrating technology into Entuitive's operations. His contribution to building performance is based on decades of hands-on experience in the consulting engineering industry.

Blaine has been involved in the design and construction of a wide range of projects, from structural assessments to complex, large-scale buildings - covering the healthcare, hospitality, justice, municipal, educational, residential, sports and recreation, commercial, retail, cultural, and transportation sectors.

Active in the building design technology community, Blaine contributes as industry advisor to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, promotes BIM as a member of the Calgary BIM Community users group, and has presented on BIM at Autodesk University.

While immersed in technology, Blaine is equally dedicated to working with others in a team environment. He has forged strong industry relationships and enjoys collaborating with all stakeholders to make his projects successful.


Innovation in Design, Emerging Technologies


Blaine Jansen



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