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We view building science as the intersection of design and building performance. Our challenge, and commitment, is to enable great architecture while making carbon reduction in the built environment our absolute priority.

Chris Van Dongen is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through his role as Associate.

Chris is a LEED®-accredited professional with a specialty in building science. He brings his 11 years of sustainable design expertise to a wide range of work in the institutional, residential, and commercial sectors, with a focus on roofing and building envelope renewal. He has participated in all phases of project delivery, from initial assessment of existing building components and conditions to design development, construction specification, and contract administration.

Chris' interest areas include adaptive reuse of existing facilities for long-term renewal of building envelope systems and the implementation of innovative, durable, and sustainable cladding materials to improve building envelope performance. In his building restoration work, Chris advocates for the use of modern building envelope design techniques, including advanced investigation and modeling tools.

Chris has extensive experience performing building condition assessments, with a focus on investigating the condition of roofing, windows, flashing, sealants, and existing cladding elements, such as brick and stone masonry.

As an associate and a building envelope specialist, Chris has contributed to the restoration of several high-profile historical buildings, including the Daniels School of Architecture at the University of Toronto, and the granite stone façade of the South Street Train Station in Boston, Massachusetts.


Advanced Performance Analysis, Building Envelope, Sustainable Performance, Tall Building Design


Chris Van Dongen

B. Arch Sc., LEED® AP


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