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Truly successful sustainably designed buildings are the result of effective communication and collaboration - where members of the design team thoroughly understand the others' design challenges and responsibilities.

David Fox is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through his role as Principal.

As a Principal at Entuitive, David is an expert in delivering elegant, efficient, constructible, and economical structural design of buildings that utilize a variety of building materials, including concrete, structural steel, and timber. He has successfully completed projects that span the hospitality, residential, institutional, commercial, healthcare, and transportation sectors. LEED® AP-certified, David is extensively involved with the EcoSmart Concrete organization and has been involved in numerous LEED® and sustainable design projects in Canada and abroad.

With over 20 years of industry experience, David brings to each project a strong attention to detail for technical design, design aesthetic, and project delivery. He is a strong advocate for collaboration between the design team with the client, architects, engineers, and contractors all working towards successful project delivery.

In addition to his broad portfolio of Canadian projects, David has completed work internationally, with projects in the United States, United Kingdom, China, and the Middle East.


Project Resourcing Leadership, Structural Engineering, Structural Wood Design


David Fox

B.Eng., P.Eng., LEED® AP


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