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I find the restoration of existing structures to be essential for two reasons. First, it ensures the longevity of our legacy structures, contributing to both sustainability and maximum return on initial investment. Second, it provides us an opportunity to learn from past construction successes and failures, and to improve the design experience in subsequent projects.

{name} is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through {possessive pronoun} role as {title}.

As one of the leads for the restoration team at Entuitive and with 14+ years of industry experience, Gary's role is focused on the assessment and restoration of existing structures. With experience ranging from residential wood framing, heritage brick and sandstone construction, to towers made of concrete and steel, Gary is known for his strong understanding of industry best practices. This allows him to adequately identify system deficiencies and provide effective, compliant solutions.

Projects typically include the assessment and remediation of structural deterioration due to failing, expired, or damaged building envelope systems and protective coatings. Experience with these projects relates to roof, plaza, and foundation waterproofing membranes, traffic deck coatings, sealants, expansion joints, concrete masonry and sandstone restoration, and site drainage systems.

Gary's experience with managing these types of projects, along with his strong contractor relationships and familiarity with industry contracts, helps ensure a fluid construction process from a quality control and contract administration perspective, producing an overall seamless project.



Gary Twomey



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