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Structures play a key role in our built environment, providing us space to live, to work, and to relax. By moving beyond prescriptive codes and applying performance-based approaches, we can enable these buildings to perform better, be more resilient, and do all of this cost effectively.

Matthew Smith is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through his role as Associate.

Matthew is an Associate at Entuitive with more than 11 years of experience in the engineering industry. His focus is on structural and fire safety engineering, with a keen interest in resilience stemming from his time in the UK. There he worked in the field of security engineering, conducting full-scale blast testing. Matthew leads Entuitive's fire engineering service and is regularly consulted throughout the company on fire safety topics.

Matthew is proficient in various structural engineering analysis packages and knows from first principles how fires influence structural and life safety systems. Where required, he makes use of finite element software such as SAFIR, fire modelling software such as Fire Dynamics Simulator, and agent-based crowd simulation software such as MassMotion. He has experience analyzing new and existing structures for the impact of realistic fire events, including structural steel, mass timber, and reinforced concrete buildings.

Matthew received his Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Toronto with a minor in Engineering Business; his Masters of Applied Science in the field of Fire Safety Engineering at Carleton University; and his Master of Engineering at the University of Toronto with a focus on structural resilience.

He is a member of the ASCE Fire Protection Committee, the CSCE Fire Behaviour and Safety of Structures Technical Committee, and the working group for Annex K of CSA S16 Design of Steel Structures. Matthew is a regular author and presenter on the topics of fire engineering and structural resilience.


Fire Engineering, Building Code Compliance, Pedestrian Modelling


Matthew Smith

M.A.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng.


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