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Our cities are growing faster than the infrastructure required to support them. We need commitment from all levels of the planning and design community to present forward-thinking solutions to prepare our cities for this growth. Reclaiming valuable urban land through rail overbuild structures, and rehabilitating and rejuvenating existing deteriorating buildings, are areas where a structural engineer with a strong appreciation of constructability can make a valuable contribution to sustainable urban growth.

Mike Hillcoat is an integral member of the Entuitive leadership team through his role as Principal.

Passionate about improving public infrastructure, and engaging on projects that make positive contributions to renewing and rehabilitating our cities, Mike is co-leader of Entuitive's transportation sector and building restoration service in Toronto.

He has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of existing structures. This experience includes the restoration of major transit facilities, including GO Transit's Union Station, TTC�s Bloor-Yonge station, various parking structures, and underground concrete structures. Mike's experience also includes the restoration of existing schools, office buildings, warehouses, heritage structures and high-rise residential buildings.

Mike draws upon considerable expertise in transportation, managing design and construction supervision teams, and managing high-profile projects involving transportation structures, including train stations, rail overbuild projects, and transit maintenance facilities. Mike has worked closely with rail and transit authorities in Canada and abroad, and understands the importance of developing designs that can be constructed with minimum impact on existing operations.

Mike also brings over 15 years of experience in construction contract administration and has acted as resident engineer on a number of projects in Canada and the US. He is a Certified Construction Contract Administrator and has a true appreciation of the needs of all parties involved in the design and construction process.


Restoration, Transit-Related Projects


Mike Hillcoat

P.Eng., CCCA


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